July 17, 2024

Forklift (English/Spanish)

Forklift training provides a comprehensive understanding of operating procedures for safely driving and maneuvering forklifts. This includes instruction on using the hydraulic lift system, observing safety precautions, and handling loads by loading, unloading, and securely transporting goods across various distances and environments. The training aims to equip operators with the skills and knowledge needed to operate forklifts efficiently while prioritizing safety and preventing injuries or damage to property.

Age: 18+
Cost: $125.00


Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this class is full and enrollment is now closed

Financial Change

Financial change is more than just creating a budget: it involves self-reflection and implementing essential adjustments for personal development. It entails recognizing an open mindset to attain your financial objectives and employing strategic methods to establish credit.

Cost: $0.00


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