Christine's Story

Obtaining a Driver's License is considered an integral part of the traditional youth experience, so much so that it is often taken for granted. Social media platforms are replete with images of 15-year-olds receiving their permits and embarking on Drivers' Education every month. This milestone is celebrated with great enthusiasm as it marks a significant rite of passage in American culture. This moment is bittersweet, as it is associated with the youth's aging, increased independence, and eventual departure from the family home. While this is a highly anticipated part of adolescence, it is so commonplace that we often forget that not everyone has the same experience.


Christine, a 23-year-old mother of four, radiated with joy when she passed her driving test on her third attempt. She appeared more thrilled than when she passed her first GED subject test. She revealed that she is only the second person in her family's history to obtain a driver's license. This was no ordinary driver's license; it was the first time she felt like a part of "us." This license was one of the first steps in breaking the cycle of generational poverty and marginalization. It meant that she could transport her children without the guilt or fear that comes with driving illegally. It may have been the first time she experienced the feelings of pride, satisfaction, and relief that come from perseverance. Success is a powerful motivator.

Posted October 13, 2023

Christine's Story

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