Ricky's Story

Ricky was so excited to have made it through YouthBuild's Mental Toughness that he took it upon himself to ride his bike the first day to the job site so he would be on time. He had been so determined to be on time Ricky did not eat breakfast that morning and used so much energy to get to the job site that he had to be taken home because he was not feeling okay enough to ride the three miles home on his bike.

Though that first day was a bit precarious, Ricky persevered and focused on learning the construction trade. Ricky was chosen as leader for his group. That meant he led the daily safety meeting, helped set up the equipment used for the work being done at that time and was happy to assist peers when they were unsure of their tasks. One of Ricky's goals was to be a positive role model in his community for the youth that might be headed in the wrong direction. He has completed training that earned him an OSHA and CPR certificate. Ricky successfully completed the first phase of YouthBuild and is employed. As time permits, he is working on completing his GED and preparing to earn his driver license.

Posted July 12, 2023

Ricky's Story

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